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Benefits and services for associates


In the form authorized by Law 8666/93, ABES issues four types of certificates designed to expedite the purchase process by public entities and governmental bodies, without conducting tenders or trading sessions.

Legal analysis, legal publications and legal assistance

Evaluations of the main laws, at the federal, state or municipal levels, their changes and implications in the management of the companies of the sector are made available. Publication of the "Legal Advisor" and the "Legal Tips" with analysis of the norms that affect the activities of the companies of the sector are also made available. Provides contract models used in the IT industry. A team of lawyers to answer specific questions of the associates in the areas of intellectual property, labor, tax, data protection, among others, has also been organized.

An Ethical Company Program

Committed to promote ethics and integrity in the business environment, ABES has launched a program for its associates in order to provide support of the entity's compliance officer as to help associates to implement integrity programs in their businesses. It has also launched a service through which they can contract an independent, anonymous and reliable denunciation channel.


The ABES Software Conference is an annual event of the entity that, since 2011, addresses emerging issues related to technology trends, industry growth, public policies and digital transformation. The association also promotes seminars and trainings, in addition, as to obtain discounts for associates in major events and business missions.


Associates and their collaborators can take advantage of several types of courses, promoted by ABES itself or by other organizations, through institutional partnership.

Health, dental, life and travel insurance plans

Through the services made possible by Caixa de Assistência das Empresas de Software e Serviços Complementares do Brasil (CAESBRA) all the associates can contract health, dental, life insurance and travel plans offered by major companies under attractive commercial conditions.

Cyber Security Insurance

Considering the growing hackers threats, the possibility of system failures, the stricter data protection and privacy laws, ABES has provided in partnership with CAESBRA, data protection and cybersecurity security to associates. Such services are offered under special conditions according to the profile of the contracting company.

Incubators and Startups Support Program

ABES offers special conditions of association to incubated or accelerated startups, which begin to rely on their services.


In order to better understand the demands and needs of the companies, ABES has been researching together with its associates and also supporting external researches related to the sector which results are available on the website.

Other services

ABES also makes available to associates countless items such as educational videos, fortnightly newsletter, Job Wall, ABES Conecta, Software Asset Management Manual, among others.

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