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References on the data sector

Since 2005, ABES and IDC, leading consulting and market intelligence companies focused on IT and Telecom, have been performing and disseminating the Brazilian Software Market - Overview and Trends Study, with reliable data on Brazil and the world. The most recent studies are:

2019 2011
2018 2010
2017 2009
2016 2008
2015 2007
2014 2006
2013 2005

Fostering innovation

Aiming to bring more competitiveness to innovative companies ABES has been working to develop promotional lines in partnership with development banks, demonstrating the needs of companies in the technological sector, a knowledgement sector. More than R$ 300 millions have already been designated to such segment.

ABES is also concerned about demonstrating to companies ways to available promotion in the market, as well as financing, subsidies and tax incentives, thus created a broad mapping of the agencies responsible for fostering innovation in Brazil: the Guide for Promotion to Innovation for the ICT Sector. Such a guide has been elaborated in partnership with ABGI consultancy and includes the characteristics of the funding lines made available as well as other incentives. Available on: www.abes.org.br.

Integrity Program

ABES launched, in 2018, its Integrity Program. This includes updating of its Code of Ethics, the launching of the Relationship Policy with Public Officials (agents), also providing a Channel for Anonymous Reporting of any suspected deviation or misconduct on the part of the boarding, employees and suppliers of the association. The program is adjusted with the guidelines established by the Anti-Corruption Law (nº 12.846/2013) and the highest global compliance standards.

The Movement Brazil Digital Country

Launched in May 2016, Movimento Brasil, País Digital (Movement Brazil Digital Country) counts with several partners and aims to democratize access to qualified information about the collecting, use and sharing of data, stimulating debates and awareness about the digital world and promoting an educational work on cyber security, Digital Government and new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, among other matters.

Intellectual Property Program

The entity has consolidated itself as a software copyright advocate, through educational actions and campaigns, combating intellectual property violations and proposing new commercial modalities, aiming to eliminate unfair competition represented by counterfeiting.

Committees and Working Groups (WG)

Each Committee or thematic Working Group represents a democratic space to discuss issues that affect the management and business of the associates in order to identify solutions and proposals. They are: Regulatory, Taxation, Internet of Things (IoT), Intellectual Property, General Law of Data Protection (LGPD) and Digital Technology.

Partnerships and covenants

Through agreements of mutual cooperation with other entities, technology parks, centers and innovation and incubators have been organized as strategies aiming to generate synergies and strengthen joint action of the entities for the improvement of the ICT sector and the national competitiveness increase.