Ícone TítuloAchievements

ABES’ different action fronts include:

Education: helping educate and raise awareness about the legislation applicable to copyright, through campaigns, training supervision and repression agents, participating in seminars, etc.

Legislation/Economy: claiming cuts on the taxes charged and encouraging the creation of business modalities that make licenses cheaper; in addition, working to better laws applicable to the sector, especially those relative to copyright; providing models of contracts and other documents, etc.

Repression: filing up copyright violation denunciations; questioning users about denunciations; supporting and promoting legal actions fostered by its associates to fight copyright violation; alerting potential law violators, among other relevant aspects.

For all this, ABES has had many achievements in the course of history, of which the main ones are:

  • Representing the associated companies in the municipal, state and federal government spheres, with an active participation within ministries and secretariats for the sectoral programs improvement. Helping the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate, accompanying, discussing and presenting suggestions in the processing of legal texts.

  • Promoting and supporting projects that encourage knowledge, research and technological development, promotion, innovation and professional improvement;

  • Stimulating integration between companies, scientific community, government and civil society;

  • Protecting intellectual property and fight software piracy;

  • Dishonoring taxes and contribute to a simpler, less bureaucratic and less costly brazilian tax system;

  • Combating legal insecurity, which affects national competitiveness and moves away investments, in the face of excessive laws and norms of difficult interpretation and application;

  • Aligning the tendencies and needs of companies regarding the regulations of the new technologies and empowering them through the promotion of competitiveness for innovative companies;

  • Discussing topics of relevance to the competitiveness of companies, such as technology trends, legislation, human resources for the sector, innovation in industry and retail, smart cities, among others.